• 10.4% Bruxellensis
    10.8% Claussenii


Blikkstille Bruxellensis

This special Hogna beer aged for 15 months in bourbon barrels. We wanted to highlight the best of brett and give people a way to get to know two very different strains. Here you find more barnyard character, grass, hay, leather in balance with the base porter’s malty sweetness. This beer is bottled without carbonation and pours like a still wine.

Blikkstille Claussenii

The claussenii version takes fruity, funky yeast to the next level. Here the taste buds are assaulted by a vast bouquet of complex fruity notes including: pinapple, crisp apple, dried figs, plums and a bounty of more subtle flavors present in the tasting notes of this 15 month aged porter. This product is bottled without carbonation and pours like a still wine

Serving recommendations: 6 – 14ºC.


Water, malted barley, Norwegian oats, candy sugar, lactose, hops, and yeast.

Unfiltered and unpasteurized

Sales of alcohol to Minors is illegal.

Bruk av alkohol kan gi ulike skadevirkninger, les mer på helsenorge.no/alkohol

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  • 375ml – wax on cap glass bottle
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