• 9%


Kardinal sits just under Pave, still quite a large stout, imperial really. Yet Kardinal is a little more restrained than our Pave, stout of stouts. Kardinal is similar to Pave (Pope) in many ways and focuses on what stouts do best: luxurious dark malt that add flavours of chocolate, coffee, biscuits, cookies, and of course roasted nutty notes. In Kardinal you can find these things balanced with a subtle bitterness and a medium body. Its a beer which can be paired with many foods and used in the the creation of marinades, glazes, stews and as a desert ingredient.

Serving recommendations: 8 – 12ºC.

Stout Style – Cooking tip: try adding a cup of stout to stews for added richness and complexity. Additionally chocolate cake mix can benefit from a splash of stout.


Water, malted barley, Norwegian oats, candy sugar, hops, and yeast.

Unfiltered and unpasteurized

Sales of alcohol to Minors is illegal.

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  • 440ml
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  • 17090048450080
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