Hogna Recommends:

Store Cold – Serve Fresh

  • ABV
  • 4,7%


Licorice, dark malts, and creamy milky sugar – this beer blends these components with a philosophy on balance. Here the taste profile is light and creamy milk stout at the forefront with an ever expanding and unmistakable mid to end pallet flavor kick of licorice. First sips are certainly a lingering experience as it takes almost a full second for most people to detect the licorice flavor, once it hits though it typically envelops the taster in a blanket of sweetness, pseudo-saltiness and hints of the earthy realm. Beyond the subtleties this beer is semi dry, which lends itself somewhere between desert beer and session-able by the pint kind of stout.

Serving recommendations: 4 – 12ºC. (Warmer temperatures accentuate flavor)


Water, malted barley, Norwegian oats, wheat, hops and yeast.

Unfiltered and unpasteurized

Sales of alcohol to Minors is illegal.

Bruk av alkohol kan gi ulike skadevirkninger, les mer på helsenorge.no/alkohol

  • Can Format
  • 440ml
  • Availablity in Keg
  • GTIN
  • 17090048450011
  • EPD
  • 5151436